Friday, 21 February 2014

New Colours Are Here!

     There are new colours available now from Matt's Mats! They are ultra-rare though: blue and orange! These mats feel slightly bumpier than the normal mats, only because we use a different type of thicker dye. Now, please do remember that these coloured mats are SUPER RARE! They will cost more money to purchase. 

Here's a picture of them below:

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Matt's Mats Business!

      The sales for Matt's Mats have been great! Although sales are declining, they should rise up again, hopefully. Some customers do complain that our mats are ripped off, but please remember that our mats are made with 100% quality cotton. There are also other materials, but most of them are made from cotton. You can get them as real silk, but that might cost up to $1,000. Anyways, people have said that there should be more colours such as orange or blue. We are not sure there are more colours coming, because we must use a special dye that will not wear off when washing your mats. 

     Matt's Mats is trustworthy! That is something not to worry about. Thank you.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Matt's Mats Are Here!

     This is the day to celebrate! Matt's Mats are finally available all across the globe! Made with quality cotton, Matt's Mats is a perfect gift for any friends or family. They come in assorted colours: red, yellow, green, purple, pink, and gray. Today, all Matt's Mats are 50% off! That means it's only $4.99 for a 40×40 cm mat! What a great day to start your collection! Matt's Mats will bring laughter and fun for the whole family, and that's a promise! If there are any problems with your mat, please contact us toll-free at: 1-800-555-MATS (6287). Another option is when you purchase Matt's Mats, pay an extra $2 fee, and we will give you a 10 year warranty! How does that sound?